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Cash advances can cut you and deconstruct you. But cash advances can also give you free money. Oh, the dilemmas we face as creatures of reason.

Cash Advances - We've Got Pros, In Different Area Codes

Cash advances for one and all

Cash advances do not discriminate, and they do not exclude any human beings. And as a leading provider of cash advances, we have pros in different area codes. All over the United States. Ludacris is rolling over in his grave as we speak. Metaphorically, of course, although any life insurance company that underwrites that guy's policy is taking a bigger risk than applying for payday advances. Wow, talk about a segue. Unreal. Out of site! the world of payday loans.

The risks of cash advances

The point we started to make above was that cash advances are Risky Business. While Tom Cruise and Rebecca DeMornay roll over in their respective graves, consider the facts. You apply for a payday loan - these are cash advances until your upcoming paycheck, and you will have to maintain a job in order to be approved - because you just can't wait for the cash. And for whatever reason, you can't borrow it from friends and family. Or pay with a credit card. Sometimes quick cash advances are just your only available option - so go right ahead and get that fast money however you can.

That's all well and good. But with a cash advance, that's only one side of the story. The fees make up the other. And these are mammoth fees, ladies and gents. Big time, large, get-out-your-wallet-and-flush-it-down-the-toilet-or-other-plumbing-apparatus fees. Think 15-20 cents for every dollar you apply for through instant cash advances. For a loan that lasts 1-2 weeks. Most credit cards, which are considered brutal themselves, charge rates like this over an annualized basis!

And the best part of applying for these fast cash advances? If you fail to repay on time, cash advances only get worse. Soon you are looking at APRs in the quadruple digits. Good times. Nevertheless, if you know the risks and are willing to take them - and if you have no other choice - you can apply for online cash advances and win the sudden attacks against you on any financial front.

Sound good? Sound like a payday loan is the right choice for your current emergency? Great! You should have no problem finding a lender willing to profit - we mean provide. provide! - off your emergency financial needs. So go ahead, surf around for a few seconds and rock into faxless cash advances. You're personal finances will thank you - until they start vomiting all over your brand new shoes. Blah!

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