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Payday loan - should you do it? Or can a payday loan get you in more trouble than you already were in?

Payday Loan - Numbers Don't Lie.

Many people think that they understand the payday loan. Some of them do. More often than not, however, customers enter the payday cash loan world with such desperate a need for cash, they don't even bother to confirm whether or not their information is, in fact, correct. We hope to help correct this problem with this site. Read our pages for everything you need regarding payday loan info. After that, go and make your decision. Trust us, it's worth it to spend the time.

No Options other than the payday loan

If you have no other alternative to taking out a payday loan , just being aware of the price you are paying can provide you with the possibility of taking this road in the future. The following information has been provided courtesy of the published report, "Show Me the Money! A survey of lenders offering payday advances lobbying in state legislatures," and can be accessed at

The payday loan is governed by state laws. Federal outfits have tried to step in and regulate or place ceilings over the exorbitant interest charges. Many of the payday loan companies have found shelter through hiding behind national banks, to avoid state-mandated scrutiny. This enables them to inflate interest rates and finance charges beyond legal limits. This case of cash payday loan is what gets people in debt in worse debt.

No Quotes Available with some payday loan providers

When being contacted by telephone for the study, only 85 of 230 (37%) payday loans lenders quoted a genuinely accurate Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Other payday advance loan providers asserted that they 'didn't know,' or that the APR was the same as the fee for a two-week loan. In fact, in 7 of the 11 states surveyed where payday advance lending fees are capped by law, 23 out of 151 cash advance payday loan lenders appeared to charge fees higher than the maximum that is mandated by state law. If that scale is any indication, this may suggest that more than half of the cash loans companies are charging interest that is beyond the legal limits.

Desperate measures call on the payday loan

So if you're in the awfully tricky predicament where you have no other choice than to take out a payday loan, do what you can to get the facts straight before committing to any one cash loan company contractually. Especially in a relationship like this, it pays to know. Knowledge, indeed, is king when it comes to the quick payday loan. The more you know about what you are potentially getting yourself into, the better. If you've exhausted all current financial resources and are finding yourself with very limited options - you can take advantage of these cash advance lenders - but play it safe. The more questions you ask - the better. The more questions they answer - even better. You can get an online payday loan in just 24 hours.

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